Do Over

alt-151434__340Ever have one of those days or weeks or years, that you want to just go back and do over? Well, we have had a “do over” in a different sense. In mid November I flew to Arizona because my health was taking a major nosedive. read about that here
For two weeks the twins did homeschooling on their own and emailed me the days narrations and work they completed. Then a good friend flew them to me and we, well, we had an unplanned vacation!IMG_7128
For 12 days we shopped, ate, swam and visited parks in the Mesa area.

When we came home December 12th we were homeless and without all our books and most importantly 24/7 access to the internet. This made it very interesting. We began replacing books, paper, pens, pencils, notebooks and limped along for 6 weeks.

IMG_0519Now we are in our new home and back to full speed, although not the internet speed we have been spoiled with for the past few years.
So, in a way, we have had a “do over” in that we basically started from scratch with our belongings and school supplies. It’s been an interesting ride the wouldn’t have happened without a LOT of people helping us.

We’ve also learned some things along the way like:

Some things are vitally important- like toothbrushes, bath towels and bed sheets

Some things are not important at all- like the gazillion CD’s, 39 coffee mugs and 57 shirts we each had!

It’s not good to hold on to possessions too tightly.

People are the most important things ūüôā

Technology is nice but life does go on without it.

Most things are not worth near what you pay for them.

We didn’t need 2 TV’s, 4 computers, 7 tablets, 2 DVD players, etc.

We really, really like not having so much “stuff” to take care of!

We now live about 20 minutes from town, as opposed being right there.  This has been very nice and quite healing!  We have our animals back and the goats are both due to kid sometime in the next month or two.  School work is now done in record time most days, because the girls want to outside with the chickens, goats or in the garden.  We are planning our square foot raised beds,(math), learning how to level the trampoline, (physics), giving goats their shots,(biology), hauling tons, and I mean tons of limbs to the burn pile, (p.e.), driving the local side roads (geography), studying birds in the area, (nature study), learning to shoot a bb gun, (gun safety) and loving the quiet mountain community we now call home.

arrows-147751__340Even though a “do over” wasn’t in our schedule and was very hard to go through, we’ve made it to the other side and can truly say we’re thankful for the journey. ¬†I guess it’s all in the way you look at things. ¬†Keep lookin’ up!



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Skipping School………….or Ultimate Learning

image2 This past week family from Nebraska visited. ¬†They arrived Monday morning and headed home Friday morning. ¬†We “could” have continued to do school, but chose instead to enjoy their visit and some of the sites around where we live.

Monday was a day of relaxation, ¬†We caught up on visiting and our visitors caught up on rest. ¬†Oldest daughter and youngest grandson came over for a visit. ¬†Tuesday the grandparents and twins went to Gold Bug Park. ¬†We live 8 miles from where the California gold rush started. ¬†This park has a gold mine that was called a hobby mine. ¬†The mine is a hard rock mine and the gold they found was in quartz. They also visited a blacksmith shop. ¬†The blacksmith made all 3 girls prairie diamonds! ¬†Youngest daughter says “when travelers were heading here, in the 1800’s, ¬†they moved in huge groups and it took a whole lot of money to get here. ¬†If they wanted to get married there was no jeweler or money so they went to the blacksmith and he fashioned a ring from a horseshoe nail.” ¬†horseshoe nail ring“The reason that gold rush ended was WW2, when gold mines where ¬†shut down so the men could go to war. When they got back it was more profitable to get a job than to mine for gold.” ¬†The twins spent a 1/2 hour panning in icy cold water for gems and came home with a small handful each. ¬†Oldest son and his family came over to visit Tuesday night.

Minning commandmentsWednesday we all headed for Sutter’s Mill. ¬†This is the site where gold was discovered in 1848 by James Marshall. ¬† 90,000 people flooded California hoping to find gold. ¬†By the mid 1850’s 300,000 had traveled here. ¬†It was the largest migration in US history.We toured the small museum, miner’s house, Chinese store, the Marshall monument and a replica of the mill. ¬†Oldest twin says “The stamp mill was very interesting, it crushes the ore to get the gold out. They also used mercury, which attracts gold, to seperate the gold from the rock and then retrieve the mercury to use again.” “The first piece of gold James Marshall found was about 1/2 the size of a pea.” ¬†stamp millHe was commissioned by Sutter to supply wood for Sutter’s fort when he spotted gold in the American River. ¬†Men were crazy with gold fever, so much so that they thought James Marshall had a special ability to find gold and threatened to hang him if he wouldn’t help them. ¬†Ironically Marshall died a poor man. ¬†Youngest son and his family came over for dinner Wednesday night.

shed buildingThursday my dad and the twins built a kidding shed. ¬†We have 2 Nigerian dwarf goats that we hope to breed in the next month or so. ¬†The large dog house they sleep in is not big enough for babies, so we researched frugal kidding sheds and came upon several made from pallets. ¬†Since we had a free and cheap source for pallets, it was time to build. ¬†They worked from morning to mid afternoon and completed all but the roofing and a door. ¬†shed buildingGrandpa is one who believes you learn by doing, so he set both girls to using the jigsaw, drill and hammers. ¬†He said they were the engineers. ūüėČ ¬†(Update: The girls and I roofed it yesterday with shingles given to us by a local roofing company.) Oldest son’s family and oldest daughter and her family came for dinner Thursday night.

Friday morning the grandparents packed up their motorhome and headed south to Arizona.  Did we learn anything last week?  You bet!  And this week we are back to our normal schedule.  We had a wonderful time and made memories to last till they next time they visit!

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Everybody Needs to Eat

“My doctor told me I had to stop throwing intimate dinners for four unless there are three other people.” -Orson Wellesproduce

Food, glorious food! ¬†Our family really enjoys eating. ūüėČ ¬†Over the years our habits have changed, like meat and potatoes twice a day, which happened for years. ¬†Now we lean toward low carb foods and we call supper, dinner. ¬†However it happens in your family, it needs to happen. ¬†Eating out all the time is neither healthy nor financially responsible, unless you’re independently wealthy. ¬†Last year we took a challenge to not eat out for the month of January, easy peasy. ¬†This year, 2015, we went from January 1 to the end of March. ¬†Surprisingly it wasn’t that hard. ¬†You just have to plan. ¬†So, here we go………..

To Menu or not to Menu

Over the years we have had a lot of different menus and we’ve flown by the seat of our pants withmenu mealtime. ¬†Each way has it’s merits, but overall I like having a menu. ¬†That doesn’t mean I “have” to follow it exactly but it is certainly one less thing to think about. ¬†And when we want to veer off we can. ¬†Lots of menus I’ve seen online only include dinner, but I like having a plan for all three meals a day. ¬†We’ve had to work around several health issues which sometimes makes meal planning harder, but also once the planning is done, it’s done!

Breakfast Blues

Do you eat breakfast? ¬†It’s a requirement in our house. ¬†For most of last year the girls made their own breakfast and lunch. ¬†This school year they are on their own a lot, but occasionally I make them pancakes or bacon and eggs. ¬†I’m a stickler for protein in the morning, so chips and salsa rarely cut it. ¬†For the past few months we have what baconamounts to a short order breakfast here. ¬†Hubby has, almost without exception, a blueberry, protein powder, almond milk, blue green algae smoothie. ¬†I have the exact same breakfast every morning, 3 slices of bacon, sometimes with leftovers from the night before.
The menu is what the twins eat, or not. ūüėČ ¬†Saturdays are more laid back and we like to make homemade donuts occasionally.

Lunch Lament

If there was one meal I could eliminate it would be lunch! ¬†We’ve been homeschooling ¬†for taco26 years and lunch has been my nemesis for most of that time. ¬†Oh there were times when we had homemade bread and homemade soup, but that is a lot of work when you’re in the middle of multiple subjects. ¬†If there was a pill to take for lunch I’d sign up! ¬†As you can see by the menu our lunches are pretty simple. ¬†My lunch is chicken in a(affiliate link) ¬†coconut wrap, you guessed it, every week day. ¬†Boring, but I don’t have to think about it, and I really like chicken!

Dinner is a Winner

table settingFinally the meal that there is actually time for. ūüôā ¬†I really do love to cook and one of the twins would cook every single day if she could. ¬†It’s just the time thing. ¬†We are up and going in the a.m. and trying to finish things at lunch time, so dinner is the only relaxed, take our time meal during the week. ¬†This year we are trying out a new system where each twin makes the complete dinner one night a week. ¬†It’s good practice for them and gives me a break. ¬†We tried letting the cook off of dishes, but that backfired. ¬†Now that the cook also does dishes there are a LOT less dirty dishes. ūüėČ ¬†Another thing we implemented this year is everyone tells one thing they are thankful for during dinner. ¬†It’s a nice way to end the day. ¬†So, what is your favorite meal?

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Hitting the Books

Lake TahoeWe are in our second piecemeal week due to Labor Day and Dad and Mom taking an anniversary trip  and things are going fairly well.  Recently I came across a suggestion to ease into the school year and wondered why that never dawned on me.  Well, this year it happened because of circumstances and I like it!

Last year we were in a co-op and although we loved the social aspect it was not a good fit for our family.  This year we are back to what we know and love.  Because of my health struggles (read about that here) we are clearing clutter and focusing on living books.  Here is a basic explanation of the subject we are covering.


candyBasic economics is where we are starting math this year. ¬†Twins are currently reading “Whatever Happened to Penny Candy” and loving it! ¬†They have asked to read ahead a couple times. ¬†We are also watching the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University DVD’s. ¬†They like them also, but Dad and Mom not so much. ¬†His info is good, but his personality is a little condescending for us. ¬†After Penny Candy we will move into Life of Fred. ¬†This curriculum I love and the twins not so much. ¬†They would rather skip the story part, which I think is worth reading. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†We’ll see how it goes this year.


The time period we are studying this year is Renaissance and Reformation and are almost Renaissance Faireexclusively using living books. ¬†What do I mean by that? ¬†Authors who are passionate about their subject write great books that stand the test of time. ¬†Think classics, but broader. ¬†Right now they are reading “The Beggars Bible” and once again, loving it! ¬†We got the kindle edition so there is no waiting on the other person. ūüėČ ¬†For a framework we are using “Truthquest History“. ¬†Obviously we’re using the Renaissance/Reformation/Exploration series. ¬†It covers history from an event/famous person perspective.


Literature we all do together. ¬†Right now we are listening to “Animal Farm“. I know I read this in high school, but don’t remember much of it. ¬†They are also required to read a time period related historical fiction at night. ¬†These came from the library. ¬†One of them choose “Daughter of the Red Queen” and one “Nine Days a Queen”. ¬†I provided choices and they picked the book they wanted to read.


electronic screensBecause character is a life long pursuit we made it a subject this year. ¬†Honestly I thought this would be the one they would moan and groan about. ¬†They are reading “For the Children’s Sake” and narrating to me what they read. ¬†Surprisingly there has been no moaning, but there has been several “when I have kids” discussions. ¬†Twice they have told me that their kids will not spend a lot of time on screens…… very interesting!


This was the hardest subject for me to let go of from a textbook mindset. ¬†DNA strandsThis year Biology is the scheduled science class. ¬†I’ve had to get over my fear of leaving gaps, which has been one of my soapboxes in the past! ¬†So we are trying the same living book approach. ¬†Ask me at the end of the year how it went. ūüėČ ¬†We are starting the the book “Biography of a Germ“, which just happens to cover borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria we know as Lyme disease. ¬†Talk about hitting close to home! ¬†After that they will read “Microbe Hunters” and “King Solomon’s Ring” with other book in between. ¬†our plan is to cover Botany, Zoology and Anatomy. ¬†We also bought a microscope, our first after 26 years of homeschooling. ¬†We are using the book “Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments”.

 Nature, Art & Music

Tea setIn keeping with a Charlotte Mason style curriculum we are doing tea time while we read poetry. ¬†This is Not a favorite with one of the girls. ¬†I’m hoping adding tea changes that. We are working valiantly to listen to period music which has been a challenge for the Renaissance period. ¬†Spotify to the rescue! We hope to study one artist and composer per month.

Because we all love wildlife, Nature is easy. ¬†We have bird feeders and houses in the back yard and a hummingbird feeder in the front. ¬†We are composing a notebook on native birds for our area along with sketching them. ¬†After birds we’ll move onto other native wildlife. ¬†We are using “Nature Study Handbook” as a guide.bird in tree

That’s the core of what we do as far as schooly subjects. ¬†Add to this bible study, chores and animals and it’s a pretty accurate picture of our day. ¬†This post is by no means a judgment on what everyone should do in their homeschool, it’s merely what we are trying this year. ¬† As always plans are subject to change. ūüėČ

(this post contains affiliate links)

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Are We There Yet?

Start lineAll the planning has been done and it’s definitely time to start. ¬†Mom’s ready, twins are ready, well maybe not as ready as mom. ūüėČ ¬†Our family typically waits till after Labor Day to start our year, so this is our last day of complete freedom! ¬†We spent the day at some friends house that have a yearly Labor Day weekend bash. ¬†The twins and several of our grandkids swam, went on a hay rack ride, watched a movie outdoors, played in a tree house and generally ran amok for hours.

Tomorrow, tomorrow……..

The twins’s Freshman year officially begins tomorrow. ¬†September signIt’s hard to believe that we are at that point. ¬†For our family this is a transition year, where the kids begin to take on a more active role with their schoolwork. ¬†We love to read aloud, but this year they will be doing most of their reading independently. ¬†And, yes, this is bittersweet. ¬†There is something very special about sharing a book with someone. ¬†We will still have a few books that we go through together, but the rest I’ll have to hear about when they narrate to me.

Balancing Act

man balancingAre we the only ones who struggle with balancing home commitments, schoolwork and outside commitments? ¬†There is always something/someone tugging at our time. ¬†And some of the things are really good things! ¬†So we juggle what gets done and what is left undone. ¬†Some days school is the #1 priority and nothing gets in the way. ¬†Other days we forget the “schedule” and give in to the tug. ¬†I guess this is representative of life in that some days we make our plans and life gets in the way. ¬†I remind myself frequently that the schedule is the servant and not the master. ūüėČ

The Real Goal

learning, schooling signWhen all is said and done, school is a tiny portion of our lifetime. ¬†What is more important is that our children come out the other end with a love of learning. ¬†That is a lifelong pursuit. ¬†Just last week a friend and I were talking with her daughter about grades. ¬†They seem so important at the time, but honestly the grades I got in school haven’t affected my life for 35 years. ¬†35 years! ¬†That’s a long time. ¬†Find what makes your child tick and plan their education accordingly.

You could say I’m faunching at the bit! ¬†Check back in a week and see how reality matched up to expectations. ūüėČ

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Curiosity Killed the………. Toilet?

imageThe plan was to blog about homeschooling next, but we have an ongoing interruption.  After all, life is the best teacher!  So on Friday one daughter was dying to know what exactly happens when you flush the toilet.  She had the idea that the water went from the bowl up into the tank and then down the sewer.

She gingerly lifted the lid, with one hand, ready to replace said lid if a geyser erupted got ready to flush………. and the lid slipped out of her hand went down into the tank and promptly broke a hole the size of a softball right through the bottom. ¬†broken toiletShe ran out saying “mom, mom, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” (repeat multiple times). ¬†We went down the hall and could hear water running…… yep, all over the bathroom floor and soaking up the bedroom carpet. ¬†Being a plumbers daughter I grabbed the float and lifted. However my knowledge failed me at this point, so I called Mr. Fix-it-all (hubby). ¬†He told me where the shut off was and we started mopping and vacuuming up the water.

One Thing Leads to Another

imageMr. Fix-it-all pulled the toilet, after we called several plumbers and found out the¬†existing unit is so old we can’t just replace the tank. ¬†You guessed it, the sub-flooring was a crumbling spongy mess. ¬†This means the vinyl flooring also has to go. ¬†By Friday night we were down to bare floor boards and NO Toilet in the master bath.

Putting It All Together

Saturday the new sub-flooring was in and all screw holes filled. ¬†We found a remnant for $30 and made the template. IMG_6353¬†The lady at the flooring store said we were saving $300 by doing the floor ourselves. ¬† Several trips were made to Home Depot and a new toilet purchased. ¬†Mr. Fix-it-all was pooped (pun not intended) so we went¬†a 2nd night flooringwithout a convenient toilet. ¬†This matters to um, older folks who get up several times a night. ūüėČ


The Finished Product

floor and trimSunday afternoon after a quick nap he was back at it. ¬†This was after his day job of preaching. ¬†Trim was purchased and installed. Mr. Fix-it-all is worth his weight in gold. ¬†He has saved us thousands over the years. ¬† ¬†New toilet was set and we are back in business! (pun intended) ūüėČbathroom



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Goat People

imageMonths ago the twins decided they would like to raise, breed and milk goats. ¬†Knowing their dad would be a hard sell they asked me to map out a “plan”. ¬†And you know I love a good plan! (click here)

The Plan

Their part of the plan was to come up with the money end of things. ¬†My contribution was along the lines of proving they were responsible enough to add more animals to the menagerie. ¬†This may or may not have also benefited¬†me. ūüėČ We talked about things like, keeping picked up after themselves, and looking for ways to be helpful and keeping our home a calm quiet place . A big point, from my perspective, was whether they even liked goats milk. ¬†So, we bought some from a friend and guess what? ¬†They loved it. ūüėČ There may or may not have been questions about whether they REALLY liked it….. but they drank a quart in less than 24 hours, so I was convinced. Next up was a visit to the feed stores in the area to comparison price supplies and feed. ¬†The two of them did a ton of research and checked out library books and poored over them. ¬†They also spent every spare minute talking about “goats”. ¬†However we needed a code word so the dad wouldn’t know. ¬†They came up with several, ¬†snickers, operation butter, precious cutey chickens…….. anything to make it sound like something else. ¬†Money was saved and then we came upon a good deal on 3 month old baby does.

The Big Question

It was time to present their case to dad. ¬†They asked me to warm him up. ūüėČ ¬†So I talked about how responsibimagele they had been lately and how they had saved all the money and were going to totally bear any costs involved. ¬†How could he refuse??? He says his middle name is cave. ūüôā

The Purchase

So two babies were purchased and we scrambled to get everything ready. ¬†They are jumpers, so we had to heighten the fence. ¬†Since they are Nigerian dwarfs, they won’t get more than 19-21″ tall, so we repurposed a dog house we had.
We were told that goats are noisy, but evidently those who think so have never raised guinea fowl. ¬†Now guineas are loud! ¬†The goats have a cute little bleat and whenever they see us outside they call to us. ¬†They are so funny to watch. ¬†The lady we bought them from said goats are like candy, you can’t have just one. ¬†I had planned on buying one also, but just before we were to pick her up she died! ¬†It was a sad day.

The Frugal Part

Goats don’t really like to eat off the ground and they were continually knocking over the hay pail the girls bought. ¬†So we took a pallet we got for free and made a feeder one Saturday. ¬†pallet feederNext project will be a stanchion. ¬†So far we ¬†trim their hooves by holding them, but it’s a 2 or 3 person job. ¬†Here’s the clippers we use.Zenport Z116 Hoof and Floral Trimming Shear with Twin-Blade, 7.5-Inch
Plus we will need one once they kid and are producing milk.  The stanchion will help with  trimming hooves, milking and any health or grooming needs they will have.  We plan on giving our own injections and such.hoof trimmer

The Schooly Part

We are learning a ton, like, goats don’t really eat everything, they are kind of picky actually, and they don’t eat tin cans. ūüėČ ¬†And they are very good at escaping! They will watch and learn how to work gates, so be careful. ¬†They LOVE chicken feed. ¬†However it’s not the best for them and they can get sick from it. ¬†Ours make a mad dash for it when the opportunity presents itself. ¬†They are herd animals, so don’t get just one. ¬†They have flat pupils, which some people think are creepy, but it just gives them really good night vision. ¬†Girl goats have beards and ¬†horns! ¬†Most people have them disbudded and actually shave girls for the fair. ¬†We have joined 4H and our girls will be showing their goats this year at the fair.image

We are all, even the dad, in love with them already and are looking forward to learning more when they are bred, kid and we can milk them. Oh and their names? ¬†Ella and Blossom. ¬†They are twins of course. ūüėČ

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Summer Vay-k

“No man needs a vacation so much as the man who just had one.”- Elbert Hubbard.

girl in hammockThe beginning of August we headed south to visit our daughter and son in law for a few days.  They live about and hour from San Diego, where there is no shortage of things to do.  It was a fairly economical trip since we had a place to stay and were able to eat most meals at their house.  There were so many things to choose from, the Zoo, the Safari Park, Disneyland, Legoland, the beach, Sea World, plus all the historic sites.  It was hard paring the list down to a managable level for 3 days of fun.  Here is what we did-

The ZooZoo sign

Wow! ¬†San Diego has an outstanding zoo. ¬†We’ve been wanting to take the girls for about a year. ¬†You see, ¬†we studied land animals when they were 7th graders and the San Diego zoo was “supposed” to be the grand finale to that year. ¬†Well, here we are in the summer between their 8th and 9th grade years, but we finally made it. It is a LOT of walking, but there are a few options if you have mobility issues. ¬†They have a basket type lift that goes from one end of the zoo to the other that is included in every ticket. ¬†There is also a bus tour that takes you around the zoo for 35-40 minutes of a guided tour. ¬†After you ride the bus you are eligible for the kangaroo bus, which stops at 4 designated stops throughout the zoo. ¬†You can hop on or off at ¬†any stop. ¬†All of these are included in your zoo ticket. ¬†We didn’t see the every inch of the zoo, but a good portion. ¬†We got there at 11 a.m. and left about 5 p.m.. ¬†The girls especially wanted to see the baby hippo and the baby giraffe, and the snake house! ¬†I passed on the snake house……… ¬†Another fun thing there is the 4D theater. ¬†You could choose from Rio or Ice Age shorts. ¬†We chose to watch Ice Age. ¬†The girls liked everything except whatever was hitting our legs under the seats. ūüėČ ¬†We saw lots of animals and did a lot of walking but the girls loved it!

The Beach

feet in sandOur second day we went to the beach. ¬†We really wanted to go where there were tidepools. ¬†Son in law recommended La Jolla tide pools. ¬†The girls had an absolute blast. ¬†They found crabs and even caught one. ¬†We all picked up shells that had washed ashore. ¬†The memorable moment was when one of them lost her glasses. ocean channel¬†They washed off the bank and after some searching (and praying) we found them behind a rock in a deep channel. ¬†ūüôā ¬†We were there for 3 hours, just long enough to get sunburned. ¬†Back to daughter’s house where she fixed us dinner.


tiny crabOne more day before we headed home, so it was back to the beach.  More water play, more crabs and more burying each other in the sand.  This time we brought a beach umbrella.  Target had them on sale for $20, but I would have paid a whole lot more.  We went to the same beach as before.  The parking was free and it was a short walk to the beach.  We packed a lunch both days since we spent Way Too Much money on food at the zoo.girls buried in sand

After worship Sunday morning we headed for home.  It was so good to be home in our own beds.


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Perfection is Not the Target

perfect signHere is a typical day in our house. ¬†We rise at 6:30 and everyone makes their bed, tidies their room and has some quiet time for personal devotions. ¬†I am up and have breakfast made by 6:45. ¬†We usually eat whole grain cereal or pancakes with fresh fruit and milk from our goats. ¬†Then it’s time for chores and school work. ¬†We can typically finish all our schoolwork by noon. ¬†One of the girls then cooks a nutritious lunch and we have our afternoons for hobbies or field trips.

Ok, maybe this is more like it. ¬†I wake up the girls repeatedly starting at 7:00 a.m. ¬†They stagger out of bed around 7:20. ¬†alarm clockThree days a week they swim with me or they work out while I swim. ¬†Then I push and push and push them to get out of the shower so we can get home and “start our day”. ¬†They are on their own for breakfast, so sometimes it’s chips and salsa, sometimes fruit, sometimes dill pickles or leftovers if we have ¬†eaten out the night before. ¬†Breakfast is accompanied by a book and I begin to push again for them to “finish”. ¬†Animals need fed and or let out and this presents another opportunity to draggggggggg things out. ¬†You guessed it, more pushing. ¬†Are you seeing a pattern?

Finally around 9:30 or 10:00 we have bible study together.  We are working our way through the book of Joshua right now and all three of us are copying the new testament.  bible studyThis is an ongoing project and will take them several years to finish.   After bible study/copying we start in with our subjects.  Twin number one dragggggggggggs everything out and must be pushed to complete her independent work, while twin number two rushes through all her work and is done in no time.  This presents a problem when we have subjects that we do together, as you can imagine.

After all schoolwork is done, most days by 12 or 1ish, we have lunch. ¬†They are mostly on their own again and are happy snacking. Hubby and I have the same thing every day- chicken. ¬†Some days I fix some for the twins, but most days they don’t want chicken. ¬†For years I felt like “I” had to fix all the meals, and many homeschool moms (friends) told me I was crazy! ¬†It’s so freeing, and yes, they still have to be fairly sensible in what they eat.

Quiet please signAfter lunch we sometimes have a quiet time (for mom) and sometimes we have errands to run or school to finish. ¬†Sometimes they have had it with me and just want to spend time reading in their rooms. ¬†That’s ok, sometimes I’ve had it with them too! ¬†Sometimes I send them outside because I know I will have some quiet time.

Eventually we hope to really have goat milk for breakfast, but our goats are only 4 months old right now. ¬†And sometimes we do have pancakes, but that’s only when I am really hungry for goats

We are probably not what you think of when you think of homeschoolers. ¬†Most of our schoolwork is done in the living room lounging, or at the coffee table. ¬†Rarely do they sit at their desks. ¬†We do a ton of reading and most of it together. ¬†And yes there are many days when the girls are still in pj’s!

If we are presented with an opportunity to really dive into anything that catches our attention, we’ll stop and do just that. ¬†It may be wild turkeys in the front yard, or birds at the feeder or a family favorite, hummingbirds. ¬†Everything comes to a halt if anyone yells “hummingbird!“. ¬†This includes my married children and grandchildren. ūüėČhummingbird at feeder

We are not into textbooks either and use them very sparingly. ¬†Give us a living book over a textbook any day. ¬†We lean more toward a classical approach, and have studied things like Shakespeare, Latin and ¬†artists and composers of old. ¬†Don’t think this makes us snooty, because we are anything but.

Well, that is a fairly typical day in our homeschool. We aim for a harmonious, productive, filled with learning day, and most days we are at least on the target.  Once in while we even hit a bullseye!bullseye

How about  you?  What does your typical day look like?

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Stereo Summer Sneak Peek

Today my twin daughters (14) have taken over the camera and the blog to give you a glimpse into what they think homeschooling looks like during our summer. ¬†Enjoy!swimmingThree days a week we swim at the pool (or sometimes work out while mom swims). ¬†Then mom heads for the hot tub. ¬†We are not allowed in the hot tub till we are 16. Drat! Drat! Drat!mom in hot tubOnce we’re home it’s time for breakfast. ¬†Today it was dill pickles and caramel popcorn (healthy) we made ourselves. ¬†We love dill pickles.¬†girl eating dill pickle

girl reading while eating









And whenever mom lets us, we read while we eat.

We have a ton¬†of animals that need fed every morning. ¬†We have 10 chickens, 1 duck, 3 guinea fowl, 2 cats and 1 dog. ¬†We just got 2 goats that are four months old!¬†baby goats and goat houseToday we had to clean out the goat house and put clean straw down for them. ¬†This morning we had to wait for one of our hens to vacate the goat house. ¬†I guess it’s nice and cozy in there. ¬†After breakfast and animals we do bible study together and chores. (Drat on the chores as well)

girl putting clothes in dresser

Tomorrow is Teen Tuesday at the library and they are having a Mario Kart challenge with prizes!  So we need to get in some practice today. mario kartWe can use all the practice we can get, as you can tell by our place badges. girl watching TVOur niece came over so we watched Wild Kratts while we ate lunch.  Then we took her to see the goaties and chickens.  One of her favorite hens pooped on her shirt so mom had to wash it. After our niece left we played on the tire swing, with the goats and more Mario Kart.  Since we are going fishing bright and early, we decided to do some of our tomorrow chores today!

vacuum cleanersweeping

After dinner on Monday’s we have game night with everyone taking a turn to pick what we play. ¬†Tonight was Dad’s turn and he picked chess.playing chess



chess game

We are so excited to go fishing that we’re making breakfast tonight!


That was our day.  Goats are in their house for the night, chickens are put away and we are going to bed early!  Us in bed early? Never happens.


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